Horror is around every corner in the sewers


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Vanish is a first person adventure horror game in which you control a character who wakes up in some type of underground cell without knowing how and why he's there. It doesn’t take long for him to notice that the back fence is broken, so he can go out onto the sewage tunnels... which ends up being a very bad idea.

Shortly after starting to wander the dark tunnels you'll start to find notes glued to the wall that give you clues on where to go and what to expect. The problem is you are not alone down there. A mysterious creature is with you, and if you get too close, it'll instantly kill you.

Your objective is thus to try to escape the sewers in any way possible. To do so you'll not only have to explore in search of a way out, but you'll also have to try not to make any noise and hide from the creature.

Vanish is a first person adventure horror game that is very similar to other slender style games, only instead of having this mythical creature stalking you, it has a monster that's relatively similar to the ones on the great videogame, Amnesia.
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